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Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Thoughts on beer: an excerpt from a 1999 Onion/AV Club interview with Bob Pollard that I read on gvb.com (note: good source for surly pix)...

O: Though it's hard to imagine Genesis sitting around on stage with a cooler full of beer. 

RP: No, no, no, no. That's us. That's totally original. That's the Guided By Voices thing, the whole beer thing. That's why we're great. We get comparisons to The Grateful Dead because of our fanatic following, but their following was about acid, and ours is all about beer. 

O: But you don't drink as much as you used to. 

RP: I've toned it down. When we first started, it was ridiculous. At that time, I'd start drinking when I woke up in the morning for that night's show, and by the time I came on, I'd be completely blind. Now, I start drinking maybe an hour or two before the show, so I've timed it perfectly. I have a perfect buzz when I get on stage. The people see me drink a lot of beer on stage, and we do have a cooler on stage; we do get up there and have a party. It's actually part of our stage thing. We drink beer and we like to party, but we're not ridiculous, you know? I also like to run and play basketball. And I drink Bud Light, which is basically water. Of course, we get drunk, and it is alcohol and everything, but it's not as bad as people would say. It's part of the image: "Look at those guys pounding those beers, man! They're gonna be dead of alcohol poisoning soon, so get 'em while you can!" Everybody's going to be dead from something eventually. I'm not that bad. I don't drink on my day off. But I like to drink beer. Here in the Midwest, you drink beer and you eat pizza. 

O: The beer reportedly gave you the courage to play live when you first started the band. 

RP: At first it was like liquid stage-fright reducer; I called it backbone juice. And so we relied on that. Now, people expect to see us do it. If I don't get up there and spit beer on people, I think they're disappointed. 

Note the blue cooler to the right. Also, cool cigarette.

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