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Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Okay, so up top one of my favorite parts is when they sneak in "David Schwimmer" and "Robin Givens" but really I think they hit the nail right on the head with the way they say "Gary Shandling." I had assumed that the song came after their appearance on the Larry Sanders show--when they light the cymbal on fire, ask Larry to hang out and he turns them down, etc etc--but noooo I was so so so wrong. They weren't featured on TLSS episode "The Prank" (Lori Loughlin and John Stamos also appear) until '97. I'm beginning to realize that "actual" time becomes very skewed when one watches an entire multiple-season television show that is over a decade old in less than a month (honorable mentions: 902120 (more on this later), Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, Buffy/Angel, X-Files).

Secondly, because I couldn't find a clip from "The Prank," I have for you one of my favorite TLSS moments. Love Norm's homeless guy/dog joke, when Hank says he's drunk, that Henry Winkler brings banana bread (wouldn't he?), the list goes on and on...

Finally, we have the intro to Norm's movie Dirty Work (1998). Around 2:40 we see another great Norm Macdonald dog joke ("German Shepard...who happened to be gay..."). If you stick around for a few seconds you'll reach the ultimate pay-off--when the credit pops up that reads "Directed by Bob Saget." It's pretty much down hill from there though...(is it? Don Rickles? Chris Farley? gratuitous violence? fish?...)--SF

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