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Sunday, July 8, 2012


"Do you wanna make more money? Of course, we all do..." I always thought she was saying "I'm Sally's brothers" which honestly confused the shit out of me. Gun Repair rules, but what's "High School"?

~Welcome to "As Seen on TV by DYSR"~
(cue brief shredding interlude)

"All you have to bring is your love of everything..." So please if there's something you don't like, this isn't the weekend getaway for you.
Thoughts on this after re-watching for the first time in a while (ok, it hasn't been that long)--did they hire a professional diver for that pool scene??? That girl does like 4 flips on what looks like a pretty standard diving board. Typical '80s shit--blonde in a pink one piece performing feats of physical strength and prowess. 

This commercial isn't as vivid in my mind as some of the others, but I'm from New Jersey and this spot makes nj look 100% radical. Cue the "Life in the Fast Lane" sound-a-like beat and let's get rollin on these fucking go carts! I heard that a lot of people got injured here.

"Experience Pure Moods, the perfect soundtrack for your way of life." I'm pretty curious as to what way of life that is--the main character in this video is a unicorn...  "Direct from Europe"?? Yeah, no kidding. I bet the "if you call in the next 15 minutes" gift was a handcrafted leather satchel--perfect for men. Also, I'd like to let the world know that we have Enigma's "Sadeness" on vinyl and we drink blood to it regularly...sade donne moi

That guy is pretty hot

"Good taste is easy to recognize." Cat food has really never looked this good, yet it still looks like something a dog threw up after it ate its own poop. Do you think the waiter and the "hands guy" are the same person? (Remember the Doug episode where the famous director comes to Bluffington to shoot a dog food commercial? He doesn't talk and his only line at the very end of the episode is, "well someone's gotta open the can.")

I always thought that these people sounded so horny (mind you this is before I even knew what horny meant). Was it ever confirmed whether that's the voice of Stu Pickles from Rugrats or not?

When I was fact checking the spelling of "Stu Pickles" (yes, this is that kind of operation) I came across this, which--for better or worse--made me laugh out loud multiple times:


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