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Thursday, August 9, 2012


Here's a couple places I'd like to hang out: the dinner and bowling alley from the 1983 raunchy high school comedy, Screw Balls. When a motley crew of boys from all corners of the high school socialsphere (rich WASP, new kid who can hang, nerd, rambunctious cute guy, goofy fat kid) team up to catch a glimpse of town goodie-goodie, Purity Bush's...well...bush, all kinds of hilarity and hi-jinx ensue--including hanging out at this super chill diner (last image). This image doesn't do the diner a justice, it has everything--booths, decorations, slutty waitresses, large sausage links, classy wall art, vintage fixtures, the list goes on and on. The bowling alley--where a game of "strip bowling" is somehow played and the nerd somehow gets his thing stuck in a bowling ball--is also pretty awesome, mostly because it looks like a bowling alley from the '80s (which hopefully is the prevailing suburban bowling alley aesthetic to this day). But come on, there's something about arcade games--even with an "out of order" sign--and bowling trophies together, right?

...Which makes me realize that our neighborhood would be SO much better if it had a wacky diner that was also delicious/had good coffee (and not evil/scary (not in the cool way) and overpriced like the place down the street from us) AND a bowling alley that was just laid back and didn't charge like $60 and make you order cocktails or wasn't just a place to impress your lame okcupid date (sorry to all you romantics out there)...

Oh lastly, Screwballs was a blast. I look forward to watching the full trilogy

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