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Friday, August 24, 2012


We're actually passing around seaweed snacks and pistachios (f*ck yeah!) right now, but this was my snack the other day: homemade ice cream and pickled grapes. This might sound yucky to you, but seriously haters let me explain...
 I've made this ice cream probably 5 or 6 times. The process has fewer steps than like taking a shower. I whip heavy cream and mix vanilla and almond extract in a bowl with a can of sweetened condensed milk (this stuff is somehow always on sale). Then I fold the whipped cream into the condensed milk, put that mixture in a plastic container, and condemn the container to the back of the freezer for like 5 hours. Eventually it turns into ice cream and stays good for a year or two. 
 Here are the grapes. The process of making these is a tad more complicated. I can't recall the measurements but the recipe called for your standard pickling brine seasoned with mustard seed, black peppercorns, and a cinnamon stick. I added a ton of red pepper flakes as well. After two weeks in the fridge the grapes are still pretty mild and the flavor is rather enigmatic--something like christmas-flavored relish. 

I don't mix the brine in with the ice cream, I just put on the spicy/zesty grapes on top of a spoonful of ice cream. It's like a dessert a wacky aunt would eat over her sink in between cigarette puffs.--SF

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