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Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Before Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) there were only cars...
Here we have an original Eddie Bauer edition Ford Explorer from around '91 or '92. I don't really know what the perks of the EB edition were other than the outdoorsy brand's signature on the headrests, but I feel like these babies were prized by their owners. 
Ah yes, here we have a 1994 Isuzu Trooper. I've always loved these. 
Readers may recognize this as the silvery-white Jeep Wrangler from the 1995 teen comedy Clueless. Here Cher, the main character, fails her driver's test. Oops! My Bad! 
Yours truly had a white Jeep Wrangler in her late teen years and loved it (until she moved to the big city, developed a completely irrational fear of driving, and her parents sold it...). Weirdly for a mid-2000's SUV, it was only equipped with a tape player, which was actually pretty awesome--I pumped the Concert for Bangladesh box set while smoking herb in my lifegaurd bathing suit for a whole summer. 
Moving on... 
This may be, scratch that, this IS the most important SUV of all time. 
You know what this is GODDAMIT ...
Because your SUV just isn't that rugged unless you have the entire LA County PD up its butt

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