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Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Okay we haven't been around as much lately. We'll admit it--we're busy--and we never said we wanted anything serious, you know? But here we are with our tails between our legs and a pretty clunky post that's completely all over the place. But this is just the way we are--please please don't try to change us. 


Two ways to show computer love: 

We noticed that model Karlie Kloss and the girl on the cover of Swamp Lust (1960) look an awful lot alike: 

 (by George H. Smith, 1960. via FantasyInk)

Also, is this 1992 photo shoot featuring an 18-year-old Victoria Beckham really a pre-American Apparel American Apparel ad??

At long last there's a sex hotline we're willing to give our credit card information to...

 Bloody nails by the way...

Switching gears (and alignment), Spectacle really gives good trailer: 

I took a photo of my desk at my office to see if it would look messy to me from a different perspective. Uhh yeah, okay, I guess it does. 

KD explained what Meat Loaf WON'T do for love: 

Okay okay calm down, here's the requisite OJ Simpson Trial pic of the week. Keep injustice relevant!!!

And finally, a warning: I don't care how much of an idiot you are, never purchase and eat Sabra's Luscious Lemon flavored hummus. It tastes like dish soap. Why on god's green earth did I think this was a good choice? Stick with the olive when you're feeling exotic. 


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