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Monday, October 8, 2012


hi friends, as I am sure you noticed our blog posting frequency has decreased a little. This is because we are working on a crazy intense project that will be disclosed at a later time.  The main goal of this project is to GET YOU DRUNK. Yes you, you are all invited and you are all going to leave stumbling out holding the puke bags we construct with our logo on them. (we are really into "branding" right now)  

In the meantime heres some things that happened this week:

Sarah is really into the O.J. Trial.  Personally, I don't care about it.  She made me take this picture.  If you couldn't figure it out this is a white Ford Bronco. This picture was taken on one of the best days ever.

watched Dune last night.  Kyle MacLachlan is one of my favorite actors. 

Here's a great scene from DUNE. Sting is in this scene.  Yea, theres a lot of randos in this movie. 

This is another movie that Kyle is in.  This is a seriously fantastic movie that everyone should see before they die. Michael (BFF, roommate, brother, apple-cider drinker) once said that an apartment is only as strong as the amount of Showgirls DVD's that they have. Our apartment has 1 VHS copy. I'm not sure what that counts for but it counts for something.

This is a typical phone conversation between me and Sarah.    If anyone knows how to use twitter and wants to show us that would be a great help.  We are not very good at it.  This is also to show how popular I am. TWO, COUNT THEM, TWO messages were waiting for me that night. 

Terence invited Matt, Sarah and I to a gallery opening off the Montrose L stop.  Then we went to the bar Tradesman (I think thats what its called). Then, to put it bluntly, the next day he got hit by a truck on his bike and died.  Life's been weird this week. Seriously one of the coolest and sweetest mother fuckers I've ever known.  RIP dude.

Yea.. its been a weird week. 

This asshole taped a flier over our sticker??!???!?!?!!! WTF. Not cool.  Due to our recent street advertising campaign, of which we were pretty successful we discussed a certain sticker-ing code of which we always abide by.  #1 rule: do not sticker over other people's street shit. Das not cool.  

has everyone completely forgotten about this movie??? Well we haven't.  Its still pretty good.

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