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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Because when you have a blog you have to acknowledge holidays or else everyone feels empty inside....

So here's a Thanksgiving thing! I was left to a minimum of marker colors here, but hey so was Jack Kirby! Download and color your own Kanye West Thanksgiving Greeting Card from this awesome tumblr that you should know about anyway! This activity is so fun that it prompted our friend Mark to spit the following hot fire:
what's turkey my neighbor?
what's stuffing my filler?
what's tums my dealer?
what's on tv after dinner?
doctors say i'm the sickest cuz i'm full and i'm lazy 
got my drumsticks and green beans and they're covered in gravy, huh?

(Disclaimer: this rap originally appeared on gchat. all rights reserved.)

I'm gonna give my card to my parents while they're drinking wine at dinner. They're gonna laugh and be like "ohhhh Sarah, you're nuts!!!" And I'm gonna smile like the little angel I am. Ahhh holidays. God Bless America. 

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