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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Unlikely Screenshots part TWO

So you guys remember that time I posted all of those brilliant screenshots of STARS in unlikely places that I had astutely found while trolling the internets???

Here's something kinda almost similar. 

A lot of people were left devastated in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. I'm not trying to mock that even though we were pretty much completely unaffected and couldn't really figure out what was going on elsewhere as we watched movies and just stared at each others dumb faces and ate a lot of processed foods that made us pudgy and lethargic. But why are we always talking about ourselves on here? Let's shut up about us. For a minute. 
A lot of people were ANGRY and rightfully so. Chief among them was the very ANGRY BIRD in this image on the New York Times home-page: 

Okay. That's it. 

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