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Sunday, September 2, 2012


We think it's great that GPS/computer-powered maps (whatever you call them?) technology has progressed far enough that even a mode of transportation as unpredictable and individualized as walking can be timed to the minute. These things can also tell you when a bus is going to arrive (not always accurate--just saying) or how much your cab will cost, if you're a lazy piece of doodoo.

Yes, they've come a long way, but one feature we here at DYSR think these mAPPS are missing is the ability to inform you how much of your favorite record albums you'll be able to jam to on your way to wherever it is you're going.

Yes, yet again we've come through for you. The walk from the Jefferson L train stop (at the corner of Starr and Wycoff) to Bushwick's favorite bar, Tandem (all you okcupid daters probably know this place (seriously so many okcupid dates happen here--what's up with that??)) is exactly 8 minutes.  While trekking through the friendly streets of Bushy, depending on what your interests are, you can either:

Listen to 1 Earth song: 

Listen to 3 Replacements songs from the album Let it Be:

Listen to a sampling of 3 Motown songs:

Get there safe, lovebirds! 

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