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Saturday, September 15, 2012


After a recent conversation with two very smart people, one being the other contributor to this creative collective and the other being this guy, I came to a few conclusions about the future.

1. Flying cars will never be invented.  This is because it is just completely impractical to have vehicles on vertical planes other than the ground we walk on.
2. We will never have slave robots for the fear of them taking over and eradicating us.
3. We can't bring people back to life because of the imminent  looming zombie apocalypse.

I could go on forever. (well I can't because I can't come back to life.)

There is one thing that never got mentioned because I thought it was too ridiculous of a possibility to even conceive:

Necomimi Brainwave Cat Ears
"Necomimi Brainwave Cat Ears let your ears show your thoughts, just like a real cat! Conceived in Tokyo and designed in Silicon Valley, these ears use research-grade brainwave technology. Slip on the headset and the ears will begin to move in sync with what you're thinking. If something catches your eye, your ears will perk up. If you're in the zone and enjoying yourself, they will wiggle. And if you're chilled out, they'll relax." - Think Geek

Yes, this is real.  This is an actual thing that exists and Urban Outfitters is selling it.  I propose that Urban Outfitters sends us this headset, the entire DYSR crew tries it out, and reviews it.  Plus we are all so much more interesting to look at than this guy it might boost sales.  

What also is very confusing to me is that if this can exist where does it end??? This technology is ridiculous to me.  Maybe this doesn't impress Gizmodo's readers but here at Do You Smell Ribs I am completely blown away.  -KD

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