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Friday, September 14, 2012


Here at DYSR (Did You See R Stevie Moore outside commodore last night?) we have been spending our hard earned bucks attending shows around brooklyn for approximately the past 6 years. Who am I kidding, big shout out to JJ RMBO here.  When we have our big special event ***spoiler alert*** john will be the only person on the guest list.

Anyways, theres this wonderful little band DIIV that has been popping up everywhere.  I was inspired to write about them because Gorilla Vs Bear just posted about Moons re-imaginigng DIIV's song "How long have you known".

This post isn't really about their music though.  It's about their cute little guitarist Zachary Cole Smith and his really great taste in oversized clothing. I've said it before and I'll say it again: If I were a boy this is exactly what I would dress like.  Here at DYSR we fully endorse the anti-fashion.  Word to Cole, stay chill, keep doing what you're good at.  The blonde looks great on you (it also looked great on me, we are the same person ). Perhaps I could suggest purchasing a big Coogi sweater if you don't already have one, just a thought.  -KD

Ariel Pink @ Webster Hall - Tonight
Lighting bolt @ 285 Kent - 9.20.12
Permanent Sound @ Public Assembly - 9.21.12
Thee Oh Sees @ The Well - 9.22.12

Matt Roseman 

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