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Thursday, October 25, 2012


Okay everyone, we know you've been wondering: what the FUDGE are the DYSR girls up to these days? What are they doing with their time? What are they eating for lunch (or snacks)? Did Sarah really eat a cheeseburger recently? Are Kristina's bangs really that short? What have they been wearing on their sexy bodies at the club? Have the pumpkins they carved (sarah took a nap instead) grown mold to the point that they had to be dumped in the gutter with the other brooklyn street trash? (YES, dammit). Well wonder no more you fucking busy bodies/buddies!


On NOV. 16 at 12 am we will be hosting a POWER HOUR at Spectacle Theater (located at Bedford and S. 3 in lovely Williamsburg--it's kinda hard to find but don't worry, it's the place that looks like a goth bodega). 

BUT what is a POWER HOUR? I know none of us went to campus colleges--we came to the big city and got COOL instead. Alright, here's the deal: you take a shot of beer every minute for an hour. Oh hold on? You already do that, don't you? Cus you wanna get fucking wasted everyday. We'll explain the difference. We have mined the internet (like always) and our super smart brains to compile 60 minute-long clips of fucking awesome fucking shit to play on the big screen at a fucking movie theater!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So you come, with your friends, if you have any, or your girlfriend who's cool or your boyfriend who sucks, and sit in the theater. We put this thing on and you watch it. Every new clip you take a shot of beer.

But wait:  where are you gonna get a shot glass? Oh we thought of that. We will provide them for you (with the DYSR logo of course). But wait: what if you have to puke? oh we thought of that. We will provide barf bags (with the DYSR logo of course). But wait: where do I get the beer? The bodega next door motherfuckers cus we ain't made of money! No but for real, just buy a 40 and like another beer that's like $5 if that, especially if you're coming from Bushwick or Bed Stuy or wherever. AND you can bring snacks or a meal or fucking ribs or a sub sandwich, we don't care. BASICALLY what we're saying is that Spectacle fucking rules and you can do whatever you want there. If you wanna finger your girlfriend who's cool or your boyfriend (what? he's got a butt hole. no taboos here!) who sucks there, no one will even notice. Shibby!

Can you tell how excited we are for this????? Here's the "press release." 

Real talk: it's $5 to get in BUT let us STRESS, the money goes to keeping Spectacle alive not to the pockets of our cheap mondays. This is a place that really deserves your support. 

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