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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dancing that SUCKS

Word y'all. Here are two stupid videos just in time for Oct. 31. 

Gotta thank Dangerousminds for this one. Check out Spanish disco all stars Ballet Zoom doing a dazzling rendition of a routine they call "Soul Dracula." It's spicy and passionate, though perhaps a bit sloppy, and it really heats up around 2:45 (trust me). If you like the Buffy musical episode (really who DOESN'T?) and the last episode of Freaks and Geeks when Nick (Jason Segel) competes in the disco dancing competition with his new-found lady love (Lizzy Caplan aka the pretty funny girl on Party Down and a bunch of other shit (note: really exhausting my rather limited TV knowledge here)), you will like wasting 4 minutes at work watching this. This may even be better than that La Bionda video I posted a while ago (no, it's not).

Moving on...After I sent Mark the above video, he of course sent me something basically as cool if not cooler: this Rapula bit from the movie "Rockula" (1990). Not bad at all.

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