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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Separated at Birth

Here is your standard celebrity look-a-like compilation. A feast for the eyes! Enjoy! 

Batley, who wikipedia describes as "a blue, clumsy, and egotistical bat who wears glasses" (I think he also wore shell tops) & Scott Stapp-hater/celebrity poker player David Cross. Can't take credit for this, but totallylookslike.com has a point.

Wizard-in-training/trend setter Eureka & '80s songstress Debbie Gibson

Friendly (possibly gay?) dragon Magellan & a tender young Morrissey

Town peddler and political rogue Mr Knack & Perfect Stranger Bronson Pinchot


Bogge and Quagmire aka "The Moat Twins" & two of the bikini girls from Harmony Korine's hotly anticipated film, Spring Breakers

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