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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Smash TV presents Memorex

Memorex Trailer from Smash TV on Vimeo.

DYSR recently checked out a screening of Smash TV's new full length video compilation "Memorex." Truly a feat of editing prowess, this mash-up of bits and pieces of 80's commercials and graphics triggered fond memories (dancing McNuggets!) while creating its own very unique sense of atmosphere. But don't take our word, here's what Smash TV has to say about it:

Memorex is the advertising industry’s collective wet dream. The sequel to Smash TV’s critically acclaimed “Skinemax”, Memorex is a 50 minute VJ odyssey, a tribute to an entire generation who grew up with only a TV and a VCR for a babysitter.
Sourced from over forty hours of 80s commercials pulled from warped VHS tapes, Memorex is a deep exploration of nostalgia and the fading cultural values of an era of excess. It’s a re-contextualization of ads - cultural detritus, the lowest of the low - into something altogether more profound, humorous, and at times, even beautiful.
It was super interesting for the two of us, who are currently in the throes of scavenging and editing a bunch of footage for our second Power Hour, to watch such a meticulously executed project. This dude gets "balls deep" in the recorded-off-TV VHS bin!

Check out the trailer above and go to Smash TV's vimeo to peep the full length. Sure, you could get lofty and watch it "on drugs" OR you could do what we did and drink Super-C smoothies (product placement--yo! hook us up!) while aggressively blowing your nose and eating cheez-its. In the words of the World's most influential animated pacifist/environmentalist, Captain Planet, "the power is yours."

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