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Monday, August 26, 2013

DO YOU HAVE A FACE ONLY A MOTHER COULD LOVE? And other pieces of paper

Ha, two posts in a row with "Mother" in the title! Uh oh, hope this blog doesn't start vomiting in the mornings and crying for no reason...

Here's our new FLYER! You can see it HERE and out on the streets of the L-train parts of Brooklyn (soon to be elsewhere)!

We cannot confirm whether the service itself is or is not real. But what we can confirm is that the dude posing is in fact a real male model who can be hired for all sorts of things, including but not limited to pornographic imagery specifically shot for Tumblr.  In fact, we've noticed that he's so in demand, people have just been ripping him off the pole...

You guys remember our first flyer: "We Found Our Cat and We're So Happy"? No? Well, you can see that here and here:

Finally, we never posted the flyer for our third America-themed POWER HOUR, which was held at the Silent Barn in late June (though it says Spectacle Theater...long story, don't worry about it...). We're proud of it though, so have a look!

If you live in another city (or another part of our city) and would like to desecrate the streets with We Found Our Cat or Only a Mother Could Love, let us know (doyousmellribs@gmail.com) and we'll mail you some to put up! Taping flyers is a fun activity and if you bring a friend you can still smoke while you do it! 

Have a blessed day. 

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