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Monday, August 26, 2013

Hey, what's up?//Mothers News


 So for the past couple months this blog has really let itself go. It has ended up watching Golden Girls re-runs and eating brownies in its pajamas all day (jealous tho?). Posting about completely irrelevant/ goofy/pointless stuff started seeming irrelevant/ goofy/pointless. I was considering turning my back forever, BUT THEN...

I started reading MOTHERS NEWS, and everything changed! 

 MN is the greatest random, non-thematic, pointless passion project I've ever seen. Wait, does that sound like a diss?? It is SO not (also I am in no way comparing the DYSR blog to this sterling publication, just hear me out!). The free Providence, RI based newspaper/comics zine (it includes work by Michael Deforge and Mickey Z. among others) put out by the Rhododendron Festival, is simply whatever it wants to be. There are recurring comics and somewhat consistent structural elements, but for the most part the contributors discuss whatever the fuck they want (Zeppo, poisonous frogs, the 24-hr Rhode Island Bach festival, pagan rituals, who killed spikey jacket, herbalism, snacks, getting "zooted," parking lots, etc etc). The result is a one-of-a-kind, side-splittingly funny, wickedly intelligent and informative piece of ephemeral culture that looks great and reads great. I 100% guarantee that if you read it on the subway, at the bar, or while you're waiting for your movie to start, you will look sexy as all get out (though I gotta say, I never get dudes coming up and talking to me more than when I'm reading Rick Altergott's Doofus Omnibus! It's like I'm a tan blonde in a Corona-print bikini taking tequila shots in Seaside! But really I read it cus I like it...who in the hell wants random dudes talking to them??)! 
(Image os Doofus #2 taken from tumblr, credited to Chris Anthony Diaz. Thanks bro!)

MN proves what I hope most of us already know--that the best projects fully indulge their own weirdness, make no apologies, and don't wait around for other people to notice them. 

I sound like a Hair Club For Men commercial, but MN has given me the desire and the confidence to start tossing my cookies on here again. More importantly, to post about whatever I damn well please in whatever voice I feel is apropos. FUCK THE WORLD!

Anyway the back issues of Mothers News are now archived online! REJOICE! But really, AND YOU KNOW THIS, you should send in a subscription and look forward to that monthly envelope arriving. Life is too short to not read words off paper. 

So I know what you're thinking: You broke the third wall! Just go back to posting stupid pictures and stuff! Alright alright. To quote Paper Rad's "Give Pizza A Chance" animation (no longer online. sad face), "ask and your dog shall retrieve!"--SF

(FT from Return of the Killer Tomatoes)

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