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Thursday, November 21, 2013


If you're in the New York Metropolitan area, you can snag this stuff for $0. 

 I personally didn't give a shit about this until I saw "1 Bag of Marbles." Tip: stand against a wall with the bag of marbles against your back,  bend and un-bend your knees to enjoy a smooth and invigorating massage sensation. Like lying on the water-worn pebbles of some far away beach! But make sure the bag isn't overstuffed, or marbles will be a-poppin' here, there & everywhere.
1 bag marbles=1 bag "massage beads." I should be in marketing.  (Throw out the buttons, who cares.)

I'm not a numbers gal, but this has got to be at least $6 worth of yogurt (not accounting for coupons).

I think you can click on the image to make it larger so you can read the little story. This person just got a random blu ray copy of Deep Blue Sea sent to his house. I'm hoping one of two things is happening here. Either a young billionaire and his butler are so lonely and out of touch with the world that they randomly mail out blu rays of DBS to commoners or this guy really just wants a girl to come to his house so he can finger her under a blanket while they watch DBS. If you want it, you have to write him an honest, beautiful story about the film. Good luck! 

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